Top 5 Gym Exercises Done Incorrectly

Do you consider safety during a workout session as a priority or just as an afterthought? If it’s amongst your priorities then doing it the right should be your main concern. The importance of exercising with the proper form can never be overemphasized. Practicing to do your exercises the right way can mean the difference between muscle activation and joint strain and even at times joint injury. Whether it is related to poor technique or lifting too much weight, any incorrectly performed exercise can cause unnecessary injuries which is not what you are looking for. This piece highlights 5 of the most common gym exercises that are done incorrectly.

Bicep Curls

bicep curls

This exercise is aimed at building the front of your upper arm. When doing this exercise, most people do it the wrong way by trying to lift too much weight. When this is done, the workout engages the shoulders thereby reducing the effort on the biceps. You’ll end up working the shoulders instead of the biceps. Too much weight always causes the shoulders to hunch forward instead of staying back which can cause injuries. If you lean back when lifting weights subjects your lower back to a lot of pressure which is a catalyst to injuries.

Stomach Crunches

stomach crunches

If you tuck your chin into your chest to help you jerk up into a crunch, you know you are doing it the wrong way. You need to ensure that as you do your stomach crunches all the work comes from your abs and not the neck. In case you feel that you are straining your neck, it’s an indication that you are doing it the wrong way.

Chest Press

chest press

A chest press is supposed to work on your chest, shoulders and triceps therefore if there is any strain you are supposed to feel should be in the aforementioned body parts. If you fail to keep your shoulders back and down is one of the most popular mistakes reported. To reduce the high risks of injuring your shoulders, you need to make sure that your shoulders are kept back and down throughout the exercise. At no point should you round your shoulders forward and upward as you press.

Squat Lifts


The exercise is targeted at helping you build your thigh, buttock and lower back muscles. When you are putting a lot of pressure on your lower back as opposed to your legs, you automatically know that you are doing it the wrong way. When doing squats, never attempt to round your back because your spine needs to be in a neutral position to exercise properly.

The Plank


The plank is designed to help you work on your back and stomach muscles but when done incorrectly may fail to deliver the right benefit. Most people make the mistake of sagging their hips or raising their bottom too high. A raised buttock or a collapsed back reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.